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Measurement technology

» We measure where it matters «

Always 3 Steps ahead

We enable data driven decisions. Leveraging industrial process measurement technology refined and proven over the past 25 years, AERO digital insights provides a robust and reliable measurement system for wind turbines. Our Turbine Navigator, located on the spinner of the nacelle, provides real time wind speed and yaw misalignment with a sample rate of 1 Hz. Its placement directly on the spinner means the measurement is taking place where it matters most: right where the wind interacts with the turbine - ideal for performance monitoring and assisted control optimization of yaw misalignment.

AERO products

AERO products

AERO products

AERO products

AERO products

Turbine Navigator®

The completely newly developed top system for optimising wind turbines

The Turbine Navigator measures wind speed, yaw misalignment and turbulence intensity and gives you the insights you need to take data driven decisions. With a 1Hz sample rate, the Turbine Navigator gives you the basis for real time performance measurement

  • Low operating costs
  • High data availability
  • Calculated vectorial velocities can be read out via a Modbus (TCP/IP)
  • The entire system can be installed within 4 hours
  • Power consumption for both boxes is combined 230VAC/2.5A
  • IP Rating: IP 66


Measure wind speed

“The Turbine Navigator measures wind speed from 2.5 m/s up to 50 m/s”

Measure yaw mis­alignment

“With an accuracy of 0.5°, the Turbine Navigator estimates yaw misalignment.”

Measure turbulence intensity

“As a value of variation of wind speed over 10 min, the turbulence intensity gives important insight on actual loads at the turbine”
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